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Dental Dinner Conversation: 9 Interesting Facts About Teeth

November 8, 2020

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Friends and family gathered at a table enjoying conversation

You’re planning a holiday dinner. You’ve got the menu set, and your decorations are flawless. The only thing left to think about is the conversation, and your dentist in Montgomery, MN is happy to help! You’re going to be chewing, so why not discuss teeth? Here are a few little-known facts you can discuss between that second and third round of turkey.

Fun Facts

  • Giraffes only have bottom teeth. Just like us, they have 32 teeth that sit at the bottom of their mouths. Their lips and super long tongues grab the leaves and twigs that they eat.
  • You typically chew on the same side that you write with. If you’re left-handed, you usually chew on your left side. If you’re right-handed, you chew on the right. If you’re ambidextrous, you guessed it, you chew on both sides of your mouth.
  • An elephant will grow 6 sets of new molars in its lifetime. As an elephant chews, it grinds down it’s molars, which are about 7 inches square and can weigh more than 6 pounds each!
  • Your tongue and tooth prints are as unique as fingerprints. But because fingerprints touch more surfaces than your mouth does, they are better when it comes to forensic science.
  • If you brush your teeth, but don’t floss, you’re missing out on cleaning 40% of their surfaces! This is why it’s recommended that you brush twice a day and flossing at least once .
  • In 1816, one of Sir Isaac Newton’s teeth was sold in London for $3,633, which would be $35,700 today. To this day, his tooth is considered the most valuable tooth in the world.
  • Blue whales are the largest animals on the earth today, but they don’t have any teeth! Instead, they have baleen plates made up of stiff hairs that look like combs which filter food like small fish, crustaceans, and plankton from ocean water.
  • George Washington didn’t really have wooden teeth. He did have dentures, but they were made from hippopotamus tusks, gold, elephant ivory, and human teeth!
  • The first toothbrushes were made from tree twigs. People would chew on the tips of the twigs to fray the fibers and use them to scrub the plaque from their teeth. Some people still use them today! Neem sticks have been found to have bacterial properties, preventing the ability of some bacteria like streptococci to colonize on teeth.

The pandemic has been dominating our lives quite a bit these days, so it’s always nice to think about other things. Luckily, all of these interesting and informative facts will give you plenty to talk about before, during, and after your holiday dinner. Have a seat, enjoy your food, and get ready for some great conversation.

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