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Substantial tooth loss can take a toll on your quality of life -- but only if you do not seek an effective tooth replacement promptly. With high quality dentures in Montgomery, Dr. Geoffrey A. Iverson can complete your smile to help you get your bite back! Keep reading to learn about dentures in Montgomery, MN.

What Is a Denture?

A denture is a removable set of prosthetic teeth, usually affixed into a plastic base that looks like your gum tissue. Dentures are custom-fitted to your unique oral anatomy. They can be full or partial, according to your smile needs.

Getting Used to Dentures

You may need some time to fully adjust to your denture, especially if you have gone for a while with missing teeth. It is important that you wear your denture as directed, even if it feels bulky or uncomfortable at first. Perseverance is the key to denture success!

When you eat your first meals with a new denture, make sure to take small bites and chew slowly. Do not take your denture out to eat. You can practice reading or singing out loud to get used to speaking with your new teeth.

Most denture wearers experience excessive saliva production in the first couple of weeks with their prosthetic. Don’t worry, that’s just your mouth adjusting to the new teeth -- it should subside soon.

Denture Maintenance

With proper maintenance, your denture can last 5 to 7 years before it will need to be replaced. Natural wear and tear will take a toll, and your jaw will also gradually change its shape due to the missing teeth.

Make sure you brush your denture with a mild hand soap or denture cleanser at least once a day, and let it soak overnight in water or a denture solution. Do not expose your denture to excessively hot temperatures, as they may cause it to warp or lost its fit.

Brush your gums and any remaining teeth after each meal. Notify your dentist in Montgomery if you begin to notice your denture becoming loose, uncomfortable, or if you’re developing sores in your gums or cheeks. A refitting may be necessary.

Additional tips for denture maintenance include:

Need Tooth Replacement? Talk to Us Today

If you’re searching for a “dentist near me” who can provide you with high quality denture care, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the dental office of Dr. Iverson. We take pride in perfection! You are invited to request an appointment online today.

Understanding the Cost of Dentures

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Dentures are highly personalized to fit comfortably and look as natural as possible. In order to better understand how much your denture will cost, you’ll need to complete an in-person consultation with Dr. Iverson. From there, you can learn about the most common factors that influence your final costs and begin planning your budget.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Dentures

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There are several factors that can impact the final cost of your dentures, but the most common ones include the following:

  • Preparation to receive dentures – This could include removal of existing teeth or gum disease therapy, depending on your circumstance.
  • Materials used for the denture base – In most cases, your denture will be made from acrylic so it can match your gum tissue.
  • Materials used for your replacement teeth – This could include acrylic or porcelain, but the latter will cost much more. You’ll want them to be as sturdy and lifelike as possible.

You don’t want to settle for the cheapest option available, especially since you’ll be wearing it for most of the day! Choosing quality over quantity ensures your tooth replacement lasts longer and acts as a better investment.

Are Implant Dentures More Expensive?

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Implant dentures will cost more by default simply because they require more treatment planning, materials, labor, and expertise. An implant denture uses a series of dental implant posts to stay attached. These posts are made from titanium and surgically placed inside of the jaw, making them more permanent and long-lasting. While they do cost more, they pay for themselves thanks to their many benefits. For example, dental implants can last for several decades, while dentures typically need to be replaced every 5 to 7 years.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dentures?

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Since they are considered a “major procedure” by most dental insurance providers, you can generally expect plans to provide a decent amount of coverage. Of course, this all depends on the plan you have, so be sure to examine your contract closely to review the details. Our team is happy to confirm your specific benefits with you before treatment begins.

Other Options for Making Dentures Affordable

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If you do not have dental insurance or find it too expensive, there are other ways to make your care more affordable. For example, enrolling into a third-party financing option like CareCredit can make even the most expensive dental treatments fit into your monthly budget. After you sign up and get approved, you can pay for care in monthly installments over an extended period of time. In many cases, you can even expect low to zero interest on these payments, making care even easier to pay for.

If you’d like to learn more about covering the costs of dentures in Montgomery, please give Dr. Iverson a call to schedule a consultation. We can’t wait to make your tooth replacement process as productive and comfortable as possible.

Denture FAQs

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Dentures in Montgomery have been the go-to solution to treat tooth loss for generations. Although they are a tried-and-proven method, it's common to have some concerns before you are ready to invest in them. Don't worry, we will explain everything during your consultation for dentures. While you wait, here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions.

Can I sleep with my dentures?

Initially, your dentist will instruct you to wear your new dentures for 24 hours, even while sleeping. However, after the first night, you will need to get in the habit of taking them out before going to bed. Although no one wants to get caught without their teeth, your gums need time to recuperate. Your dentures will restrict blood circulation to your gums, which can lead to sores, inflammation, or infections if the soft tissues aren't given time to get the nutrients they need. Not to mention, your mouth is the perfect environment for bad bacteria because it is dark and moist. Too much harmful bacteria can cause oral and general health issues, odors, and shorten the lifespan of your denture. It's best to remove your new teeth before calling it a night. Take the time to clean your mouth and dentures well. Don't forget to soak your replacement teeth in an overnight solution to kill any bacteria left behind by your toothbrush.

Do I use regular toothpaste to clean my dentures?

Although dentures can't get cavities, you still need to brush, but don't use regular toothpaste to clean them. Abrasive dental products can scratch the surfaces of your dentures, creating small crevasses that can trap food debris and bacteria. While the scratches might be small, they can affect the appearance and lifespan of your dentures. It is best to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a mild hand soap to clean them. You can also purchase cleaning kits designed for denture wearers.

Can I eat steak with dentures?

It's possible to eat steak and chewy meats, but your denture dentist in Montgomery will recommend having them in moderation. Tough meats require a lot of chewing that can make your gums or jaw sore. Not to mention, it puts more wear and tear on the prosthetic, causing you to need a replacement sooner. If you can't resist a juicy steak, cut it into smaller pieces to make it easier to chew. A denture adhesive can provide added stability while enjoying your meal. If you are interested in a stronger biting force, ask your dentist about adding the support of dental implants to your smile.

Do upper dentures always cover the palate?

Upper dentures don't always cover the palate. You can choose from several styles, like those with a horseshoe shape. It looks similar to one used for the lower arch or with dental implants, so you won't have to worry about diminished food taste. Your denture dentist will review all your options to find the ideal prosthetic for your needs and preferences.

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