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Smile Renewing Dental Care

Woman smiling after receiving restorative dentistryIf you’ve experienced tooth decay or damage, the Montgomery, MN dental team of Geoff Iverson, DDS can help. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Iverson, and staff offer a variety of treatment options to repair damaged teeth and renew oral health following even the most severe damage. In most cases, we’re able to offer an emergency dentistry appointment on the same day damage occurs. The goal is to provide the most conservative treatment options in order to help patients preserve the maximum amount of healthy structure, prevent severe pain or damage, and avoid complex treatments. Contact our dental office to schedule an appointment for restorative dentistry in Montgomery, MN.

Dental Crown & Bridge

Senior woman sharing healthy smile after dental crown supported fixed bridge restoration

Dental crowns are one of the most often used restorative treatments. They are individually designed to fit over the top of a damaged tooth in order to restore form and function. We offer crowns crafted from a variety of materials including gold, porcelain bonded to metal, and all-ceramic. Gold crowns offer a reliable, durable restoration that provides the least amount of wear against the opposing teeth. Porcelain bonded to metal crowns offer the durability of gold crowns with a more natural appearance created by the porcelain overlay. All-ceramic crowns are the most cosmetic option available, allowing us to provide the most natural appearing results. Additionally, they are the only solution recommended for patients who may have an allergy to metals. Even after years of wear, all-ceramic crowns retain their natural appearance. We may recommend a dental crown in a number of situations including:

The dental restoration process requires patients to visit our dental office two times. During the first appointment, we’ll prepare teeth, capture bite impressions for the dental lab, and place a temporary crown. While the dental lab crafts the custom crown or bridge, the temporary protects the prepared tooth and allows patients to get used to the look and feel of their crown. Once we receive the final restoration, patients return to our dental office to exchange their temporary for a custom dental crown. With minimal numbing, the process is completely comfortable and pain free.

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Root Canals

Dentist describing root canal therapy process to dental patient

Root canals are necessary when damage or decay reaches the inner layers of teeth, the pulp. This is where the tooth’s nerve system is contained, and when it is accessed by dental damage, the result can be a severe toothache. The root canal process is relatively simple. We start by creating a small opening from the top of the tooth to the pulp. We then remove the damaged pulp and nerve system of the tooth, and seal the inside of the tooth with a biocompatible material. Finally, we close the opening and recommend the appropriate restoration. In some cases, a tooth-colored filling is adequate, but often, we recommend the placement of a dental crown to protect the tooth for a successful, long term restoration.

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Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Young woman with curly hair smiling after wisdom tooth extraction

In the majority of cases, our team strives to help patients keep their smile whole, but there are some instances when removing one or more teeth actually benefits overall oral health. The most commonly extracted teeth are the third molars, often referred to as wisdom teeth. These are the last to erupt into and there is often inadequate space to accommodate this additional set of molars. When this is the case, we’ll recommend patients have these teeth extracted to prevent crowding, impaction, and other oral health issues.

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Tooth Extraction

Pleased man giving thumbs up after tooth extractions

In addition to wisdom tooth extraction, there are a number of other situations where removing one or more teeth is the best option to maintain the optimal level of oral health. We may recommend extraction in the following situations:

Removable Prosthetics (Dentures & Partials)

Person holding model of dental implant-retained dentures

Partial and full dentures are recommended for patients who have extensive tooth loss, including more than three consecutive teeth, multiple nonconsecutive teeth, and a full arch. Partial dentures are crafted to fill gaps in smiles and functioning back teeth. A gum-colored base supports the replacement teeth, and is held in place by clasps connecting the partial to remaining teeth. A full denture is crafted with a gum colored base supporting the full row of replacement teeth. Rather than being supported by healthy teeth, a full denture is held in place through natural suction between the base and gum tissue or by underlying implants with special attachments for excellent retention and stability.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Woman smiling after receiving tooth colored fillings

In the past, silver-colored metal amalgam fillings were used to restore minimal dental damage or decay. These fillings had a noticeable appearance within smiles, and they required the removal of healthy dental structure to create wedges that supported the filling. Over time, teeth were prone to additional decay and damage. That’s why we use tooth-colored fillings. Crafted from high quality composite resin, these fillings are bonded directly to the treated tooth in the form of a malleable, tooth-colored resin. Once shaped into position, the resin is hardened using a curing light and highly polished for a natural appearing restoration.

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