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Wisdom Tooth Extractions – Montgomery, MN

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Relaxed dental patient receiving wisdom tooth extractionThere’s no reason to fear having your wisdom teeth extracted. Although tooth extraction may be a scary thought, our dental office completes this procedure in the best way possible. Your dentist will only recommend wisdom tooth extractions in Montgomery, MN when it’s completely necessary and do so in a painless way.

Why Your Dentist Recommends Wisdom Tooth Removal

Lady in pain holding cheek before wisdom tooth extraction

A tooth extraction in adulthood might be necessary for many reasons, including, but not limited to:

Before and After Wisdom Teeth Extractions from a Dentist in Montgomery

What to Expect in the Procedure

Woman smiling after wisdom tooth extraction

The extraction process itself is painless and fast when you visit an expert dentist. Modern dentistry has allowed your dentist to apply local anesthesia to the affected areas for numbing. General anesthesia will be administered to make you sleep if you need more than one wisdom tooth to be removed. If you’re nervous about the procedure itself, ask us about sedation dentistry as well.

After the anesthetic is administered, the gum tissue will be opened up in the area where the problem tooth is located. This will then allow the dentist to pull the tooth, or in some cases, cut the tooth into smaller pieces for easy pulling. When the tooth is finally removed, the area will be stitched back together and prepared for the healing process.

What to Do After the Procedure

Wisdom teeth removal can be a one-visit procedure, but you have to take care of your teeth after your procedure to ensure that your mouth will health properly. Otherwise, you can expect to visit the dentist again.

For instance, patients will be advised to bite gently into a gauze pad or cotton and use an ice pack to avoid bleeding, especially right after the procedure. Your dentist may also prescribe you with a couple of prescription drugs that will help you with any pain you might experience during your healing period.

Knowing the dangers and threats of infection after procedure can help you decide what to do and how to care for your mouth after your surgery. It’s easy to see that wisdom tooth extractions are pretty simple, especially when you have dental professionals to support you throughout the whole process.

If you would like to learn more about how a wisdom tooth extraction may be able to help your smile, or the best way to recover from an extraction, feel free to contact our dental office.

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