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iTero Intraoral Scanner – Montgomery, MN

Precise, Comfortable & Efficient Digitla Impressions

For many years, dentists had no choice but to use manual impressions when they were designing crowns, bridges, or other restorations for their patients. The impression process was time-consuming, uncomfortable, and not always accurate. Dr. Iverson has decided to do away with the hassles of manual impressions by investing in an iTero intraoral scanner in Montgomery, MN. This advanced piece of technology makes patient care more efficient, more comfortable, and more precise.

What Is the iTero Scanner?

The iTero scanner is a machine that has a small, wand-like instrument attached to it. We move the wand around a patient’s mouth, and it captures thousands of frames per second. The attached software reassembles those images into a detailed, three-dimensional representation of the patient’s teeth.

We can use the iTero scanner for a number of different applications. For example, it is extremely useful when Dr. Iverson is designing crowns, bridges, or other types of restorations. It is also noteworthy for its compatibility with Invisalign. The iTero software makes it extremely easy for us to share data about patients’ teeth with Invisalign, and the impressions are so precise that the chances of Invisalign rejecting them are much lower than if we used manual impressions.

Benefits of the iTero Scanner

Dentist using iTero intraoral scanner images for dental treatment plan

The iTero scanner delivers a multitude of benefits. Here are just a few:

  • The scanning process is fast. Compared to manual impressions, iTero digital impressions in Montgomery can shorten appointment times by 20 minutes or more.
  • The iTero wand is quite small, which reduces the risk of gagging.
  • Unlike other digital impression tools, the iTero machine does not require the use of any messy powder to coat the teeth.
  • Since we can send iTero impressions to relevant parties digitally, we can reduce the waste that comes from packaging and shipping manual impressions.
  • The ability to share impressions digitally eliminates the time that we would spend waiting for manual impressions to be shipped to a laboratory.
  • The iTero software has an Outcome Simulator for Invisalign, so you can get a preview of your results before you even put that first aligner in your mouth!

Learn More

Dental patient smiling after dental treatment with iTero intraoral scanner

Manual impressions served their purpose, but now a better alternative is available in our dental office. If you are interested in Invisalign, or you know you will soon need some restorative care, contact us today to learn more about how we can use the iTero scanner to enhance your treatment process.

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